Best Toy Gift For 6 Years Old Boy – Smart Creative-Building Robotic Toy

My 7 years old nephew asked me the other time if I could gift him something smart in his forthcoming birthday party! And I was like what do you mean by smart? He left without replying so I was triggered to research on smart toys!

The most common boy toys I got across in my research were ranging from cars, guns, simple robots to flying objects of which all them would be available at a similar price in our local residential area. However, one item, Remote Control Smart Robotic Toy For Children got my attentions as it exactly matched the query keyword of my nephew “Smart“!

Remote Control Smart Robotic Toy For Children

It is clear that shopping toys for our kids, entertaining them with dolls that resemble both living and non-living aspects of our daily lives has always been something so common and universal and due to that, the Kids Toys industry remains one of the giants of worldly businesses.

Now, I was about to place my order on this item and the reason why I like it is: The Remote Control Smart Robotic Toy otherwise known as ERBO 408 Pcs. City ​​Creative RC Robot Electric Building Blocks is a child-friendly toy with step-by-step color instructions, plastic and non-sharp edges that makes it save for careless handling by children and the best of all reasons why I chose being the capability of capacity building, creativity enhancement and as well developing problem solving skills for the child. It does this by letting the child being constructive on motor skills that makes it worthy the best toy gift for boys older than 6 years.

Want to see a video of how it works? …Hitting this image takes you there.

Video of how the ERBO 408 Pcs. Work

Features of the Remote Control Smart Robotic Toy

Product Material: High Quality Anti-lock Breaking System (ABS) building block bricks

Product Purpose: Educational and Entertainment Tool

Product Uses: Office Animation accessories, Personal Preference Collection, Child Entertaining, Creative building and many other numerous uses.

Who can use the Product: Other than Child’s gift, the ERBO 408 Pcs is also a perfect gift for collectors/builders


Product Specifications:

Material of the Product: over 50% plastic

Product Certification: 3C

Age range for the Product: 6 years or older

Product Model No: rc robot blocks

Product price at aliexpress: $66.76 $34.05 49% OFF (at the time of writing this article)

Product rating: 96.7% positive feedback (out of 5550 using customers)


Frequently asked questions on the Remote Control Smart Robotic Toy for Children

Q: How many batteries does the robot use?
Ans: 9 batteries (6 AA batteries and 3 AAA batteries)

Q: What is the control distance of this robot?
Ans: up to 8 meters can work perfectly

Q: Can the robot handle toy guns or other staff?
Ans: Nope!

………..Have more queries, please visit the shop where almost all buyer’s questions are answered…..



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