Latest High Power Blender Mixer – For Both Household and Commercial Purpose

With most Blender Mixers out there in the market having few or many demerits regarding their efficiency, environmental impact and functional capabilities, this new high power blender mixer is significantly different due to its upgrades in terms of functionality, usage scale and probably features efficiency.

The 1000W High Power Blender Mixer has a high speed rotating sharp blades that can perfectly crush and emulsify all drink derivatives which include raw food vegetables and fruits, carrots, cabbage, grains, corns, beans and so much more. This makes the electronic appliance to be commercially efficient.

1000W High Power Blender Mixer

The Higher Power Blender Mixer sometimes known as heavy commercial grade blender and in short FOOD PROCESSOR is referred to be a machine with multiple purposes. Some very common uses of this machine are; Fruit juice, Milkshake preparation, Ice Cream, Bisque making, Sauces, grounding of beans and grains.

The High Power Blender Mixer specification/features

  • Its food grade thickened PC cup is BPA free, safe, healthy and environmental-friendly.
  • Capacity: 1.8 – 2.1L
  • Voltage: 200V
  • Container Material: PC
  • Functions: Ice crushing, Meat mincing, Corn Juice, Rice Paste, Juice Extractor, Milkshake, Dry grinding, Mixing, Milk tea & jam, Mashing, Delicate Fragrance Extractor, Mung Bean Paste and so much more.
  • Number of Speed settings: 7 (Depending on the function you are executing, you can control the speed)
  • Heat Preservation: NO
  • Product Ratings: 100% Consumers’ approval.
  • Product Price: USD 43.68 USD 208.02 79% OFF (at the time of writing this review)


Admin’s Comment:
“This article sounds more like product promotion than balanced review! I have been obliged to check similar products and compare why you should prefer this to similar products. I deduced three main reasons why you should opt this latest high power blender mixer and they are; the countless kitchen funtionalities, the improved and upgraded efficiency like speed controlling and most importantly the low pricing which makes it affordable and less costly”


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